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Jerry Lynch succeeds in Constitutionality of Mandatories Argument

Attorney Jerry Lynch successfully argues constitutionality of mandatory minimums

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February 7, 2014 Categories: Criminal, Trial and Litigation, Firm News

Hill Appointed and Commissioned by the State

Paralegal Rebecca Hill, of Williamsport Attorneys Rudinski Orso and Lynch, is appointed and commisioned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as Notary Republic

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August 30, 2013 Categories: Firm News

Man Freed after 14 Months

Williamsport Attorneys Rudinski Orso and Lynch sucsessfully argue for freedom of man incarcerated for 14 months

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May 9, 2013 Categories: Criminal, Firm News

Williamsport Lawyers succeed in six figure settlement

Williamsport Lawyers Succeed in Six Figure Settlement

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December 28, 2012 Categories: Civil, Firm News

DA Won't Dismiss Rape Case

Northumberland DA Won't Dismiss Rape Case

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November 2, 2012 Categories: Criminal, Firm News

New Yellowbook Video

Thanks to Yellowbook for spotlighting the Williamsport Lawyers Rudinski, Orso and Lynch!

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October 25, 2012 Categories: Firm News

Motion Practice at The Supreme Court

Attorney Lynch Motion Practice at the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania

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September 6, 2012 Categories: Criminal, Firm News

New Official Website of Rudinski, Orso & Lynch Launched

PaperStreet Web Design launches PA-Law-Firm.com, the new official website of Rudinski, Orso & Lynch, a Pennsylvania based law firm.

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May 7, 2012 Categories: Firm News