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Williamsport Lawyers succeed in six figure settlement

Attorney Orso Announces Conclusion of Successful Mediation

Williamsport lawyer Joseph Orso has announced the conclusion of a successful mediation with the Hon. Thomas Raup.

“The case was tricky in that the client had a successful surgery and a small amount of unpaid medical bills” said Attorney Orso. The client of Williamsport lawyers Rudinski Orso and Associates was involved in a rear end accident and had aggravated a pre-existing cervical condition. As a result of the collision, the client eventually had a cervical fusion at levels C4-5 and C5-6. The surgery was a success and the client is no longer receiving any medical treatment.

At the mediation, the defense argued that the accident was a minor accident and the client did not suffer a major injury. Even though the client only had approximately $6000 of unpaid medical bills, Attorney Orso successfully argued that the pre-existing neck condition was not causing the client any trouble until the accident.

The mediation concluded with a six figure settlement.

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