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DA Won't Dismiss Rape Case

The defense attorney representing a Sunbury man accused of sexually assaulting his former girlfriend is asking for the immediate dismissal of all charges because the lead investigator in the case admitted to having a romantic relationship with the alleged victim.

District Attorney Tony Rosini said he has no plans of honoring attorney Michael Rudinski’s request.

“Attorneys ask for stuff all the time,” Rosini said Thursday. “That doesn’t mean we agree.”

Although, Point Township Police Chief Josh VanKirk claims he conducted an investigation of the relationship and brought the matter to the district attorney’s office. He said he was told by Assistant District Attorney Ann Targonski and Rosini the case would be nearly impossible to prosecute.

Assistant DA Ann Targonski said she heard chatter about Lytle and the woman being romantically linked, but she was on vacation and didn’t pass the information to VanKirk until he came to her office with the allegations.

Rudinski, of Rudinski Orso and Associates , Williamsport, said he knew “for quite some time” that Point Township police officer Wade Lytle and the alleged victim were romantically involved and was waiting to spring the information at trial.

Because the information was released, Rudinski said he is now asking Northumberland County Court to dismiss the charges because of a conflict of interest.


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