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House Bill may alter Sex Abuse Law

House Bill 878 is designed to create a two-year window for the filing of civil actions in child sexual abuse cases, giving all alleged victims a new chance at justice in cases where their ability to do so has expired.

"This bill seeks to ensure justice to past victims as well as to further deter would-be child sexual abusers," State Representative DePasquale said. "I'm hopeful it will come up this week before the full House so we can move now and help more victims and prevent further abuse." 

DePasquale said a vote on the bill is timely because of revelations of cover-ups at the highest levels that have surfaced during trials involving child sex abuse cases at the Philadelphia Archdiocese and Penn State University (For more on the Penn State scandal see Michael J. Rudinski on Sandusky blog).

The courts will likely see an influx in sexual abuse allegations as a result. If you find yourself involved in any such allegation, contact an attorney at Rudinksi, Orso and Associates, we have over 35 years of experience in sexual abuse cases. 

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