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Rudinski on Penn State Sandusky

Jury selection in the sex abuse cover-up trial of Jerry Sandusky begins Tuesday. The former Penn State assistant football coach’s trial will then start next Monday. Williamsport Attorney Michael Rudinski talks about the likelihood of a last minute plea deal.

“A lot of times after the prosecution assesses the case at the last minute sometimes they have difficulty with witnesses and they make a new offer. Sometimes when the defendant gets close to trial they decide it is best to plea at that point, so a lot of times that is when these things get worked out,” says Rudinski.

Rudinski says one key to Sandusky’s defense is whether or not the alleged crimes were reported promptly. “Many of these were reported years and years after the fact,” says Rudinski, “the defense will be looking to see if there is any reason to bring it up now, whether it is a financial thing or a lawsuit. I think that’s a key in this case is that it took a long time for people to come forward.”

Rudinski also says a question will be whether Sandusky himself will testify. “The problem with multiple charges like this is that he may want to testify in regards to some of them and not others,” says Rudinski, “but since the cases are joined it will be a major problem for him. He either takes the stand or he doesn’t.”

Sandusky faces 52 charges that he abused 10 boys over 15 years. He denies the allegations. After jury selection his trial is expected to begin Monday. (Sara Bartlett)  



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