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Williamsport Lawyers File Nursing Home Action

Williamsport lawyers Rudinski, Orso and Associates have announced the filing of a civil action involving substandard nursing home care. Attorney Joseph F. Orso filed the suit on behalf of a client the sustained serious fractures as a result of a nursing home fall. “The nursing staff was well aware of the patient’s disability and chose to ignore patient safety.” stated Attorney Orso.

As a result of the injury, the Rudinski, Orso & Associates client underwent several surgeries and sustained permanent disability. “Unfortunately, most of the nursing homes in Lycoming County receive very poor grades from the State regarding patient care. This is very unfortunate in light of the fact that substantial sums of money are paid to nursing homes for the care of loved ones.” concluded Attorney Orso.

If you or a loved one has sustained injury as a result of substandard nursing home care, contact the Williamsport Lawyers at Rudinski, Orso & Associates .

Information on quality of nursing homes can be found at http://memberofthefamily.net/registry/pa.htm


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