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New Pennsylvania Requirements for Sex Offenders

The several States, including Pennsylvania, generally have severe penalties for those convicted of a sex offense. Many crimes result in extensive prison time and fines, as well as the requirement of registering as a sex offender.

Pennsylvania has enhanced the number of crimes that require registration as a sex offender. This is a means of achieving State compliance with federal requirements. The new laws are effective later this year.

The new requirements vary depending on the charge. Some require registration for 15 or 25 years, while others require registration for life.

The breadth of information that is required by the State is very extensive. In addition to the basic requirements of name, address, employer and driver's license, Pennsylvania will also require offenders to supply usernames and account information for social media websites, as well as email and ISP addresses.

The information will be stored in a database that can be searched by the public, along with information regarding the crimes that have been committed. The belief is that this personal information can be used to track offenders and prevent future crimes.

If you have been charged with a sex crime, you rights are in jeopardy and you should contact our offices immediately. Pleading to the charges will not make the requirements go away.

September 7, 2012 Categories: Criminal