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Acquital in Aggravated Assault Case Northumberland County

Attorney Michael Rudinski of the law firm Rudinski, Orso & Associates successfully represents client who faced several charges including aggregate assault and burglary.  The charges stem from an incident where it was alleged that the Defendant broke into a residence and started an altercation with several individuals.  The Defendant was brutally beaten and thrown down a flight of the stairs before Northumberland Police were called to the scene.

The trial took place in Northumberland County.  Among the physical evidence, cell phone records were crucial to Mr. Rudinski winning the acquittal.  The Defendant’s jealous girlfriend was caught instigating an altercation and luring the Defendant to the residence where the assailants lied in wait.  After the severe beating the Defendant was hospitalized. If not for Mr. Rudinski’s representation the true criminals in this case would not have been identified. 

While the Defendant has suffered greatly from the beating, incarceration, and the legal process he has stated that he is forever grateful for Mr. Rudinski’s representation.  If you or a loved one have been wrongly accused, contact a licensed attorney as early as possible.

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