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Attorney Orso Announces Settlement of Wrongful Death Case

Attorney Orso announces settlement of wrongful death case

June 9, 2014 attorney Joseph F Orso III, of the Williamsport law firm of Rudinski Orso and Associates has announced the settlement of a wrongful death action. The wrongful death settlement arose out of a  fatal accident involving a pedestrian.

"I am particularly pleased with this resolution. The case presented numerous complicating factors that we were able to hurdle." Stated attorney Orso. The case involved a pedestrian who was walking on the wrong side of the road in the early morning hours. The decedent had been drinking earlier that night and was struck by a drunk driver.

The civil attorneys at Rudinski Orso and Associates were successful in persuading the insurance companies attorney or attorneys that the drunk driver was more responsible for the accident than the Decedent. "Ultimately, our arguments were  accepted" stated attorney Orso.

With the settlement, the decedent's minor daughter will receive payments totaling nearly 1/2 million dollars.

By settling the claim, the parties avoided prolonged trial and litigation.

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