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Joseph Orso, III announces settlement of UIM Personal Injury case

Joseph Orso, III announced a settlement of a UIM case. The case involved an individual injured in an automobile accident and was complicated by the fact that there were 3 separate levels of UIM coverage. Attorney Orso was able to obtain the policy limits for the first 2 layers of coverage and settled the case for an amount within the layer of coverage for the 3rd policy." What makes UIM cases difficult is the fact that you have different layers of coverage with different insurance companies. Fortunately, I was able to achieve a successful settlement for our client.”

The law firm of Rudinski, Orso & Associates consists of experienced trial lawyers who have represented seriously injured clients for decades. If you would like to discuss a personal injury case with Attorney Orso, please contact him at (570) 321-8090 or via e-mail at Joe@RudinskiOrso.com

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