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Attorney Orso Key Player In Multi-Million Dollar Settlement

Attorney Joe Orso, III, of the Law Firm Rudinski Orso and Associates was involved in a 2.2 million dollar settlement arising from a conflict when a young Lycoming County resident’s scalp was burned in 2009 at a styling boutique.

The personal injury out of court settlement in a federal lawsuit guaranteed the young girl would at the age of 18, monthly payments of $2,686 from a tax-deferred annuity. The lifetime intake from the annuity is $2.2 million.

The young woman involved in the personal injury suit was an honor roll student that suffered second- and third-degree burns when a new dye was being applied to her hair. The girl suffered significant injury and scaring. The bold spot left from the injuries will remain for the remainder of her life because a hair transplant is not an option. 


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