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US Army Sargeant Reunites After Six Years

Attorney Jerry Lynch of the Law Firm Rudinski, Orso & Lynch is successful in reuniting the United States Army Sergeant with his wife and family after Six years of separation. The Sergeant, a United States Citizen, was married in 2007 in Kumasi, Ghana and the family has three children. In attempts to enter the US in 2009, the families’ mother was notified that she would be denied admission. The Department of State alleged that the woman was trying to secure an immigration benefit through false identification. While the Sergeant tried to navigate the waters of US Immigration Laws himself, the woman was repeatedly denied access until Attorney Jerry Lynch was retained in the summer of 2012.

Through diligent research and investigation, Attorney Lynch discovered documents which proved to the Department of State that the woman was indeed who she said she was and had been adopted at the age of one after all the members of her immediate family had died in a car accident. She was denied a Visa in 2004 when she applied under her adopted name for which she had no birth certificate. This information was provided to the US Government in a Form I-601, Waiver for Ground of Inadmissibility, and Attorney Lynch was able to expedite that waiver based her husband’s active duty status in the United States Military. 

In early 2013, the family was reunited in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The staff at Rudinski, Orso & Lynch are proud that we could assist the United States Army Sergeant in reuniting his family.


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May 23, 2013 Categories: Immigration