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Man Freed after 14 Months

RUdinski Orso and Jerry Lynch Murder Criminal Immigration

A jury in Snyder County found not guilty, and acquitted Christopher Aucker of all charges stemming for allegations of a deadly beating more than 15 years ago.

Christopher Aucker, Ryan Sprenkel, and Robert Reich were accused of killing Donald Seebold in 1997. They spent the past 14 months in jail.

Michael Rudinski and Jerry Lynch, Williamsport lawyers of the firm Rudinski, Orso and Lynch represented Mr. Aucker. Attorney’s Rudinski and Lynch expressed sorrow for the Seebold family and their loss, hoping justice will be sought by Snyder County District Attorney Michael Piecuch with charges of those not yet cleared of culpability.

Mr. Aucker was arrested last year and charged with criminal homicide, conspiracy and perjury for allegedly lying to a grand jury. “I’ve never had a doubt all along that they weren’t involved in this homicide.  I think the jury made the right decision.  Based on the evidence they were given, I think they did a great job and did what they should have,” said attorney Michael Rudinski.

When asked if prosecutors will investigate anyone else for Donald Seebold’s murder, district attorney Michael Piecuch said, “The Seebold murder has been solved.  I respect the jury’s verdict, but this case is closed.” Attorneys of the firm Rudinski Orso and Lynch have stated, the Seebold family deserves justice, not by convicting innocent men, but by prosecuting the true killers, who have been outed through this trial. Several Snyder County District Attorneys before Piecuch have steered clear of prosecution because of a lack of evidence. The injustice to the Seebold family, and the Aucker, Reich and Sprenkle families cannot be overstated.




May 9, 2013 Categories: Criminal, Firm News