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Attorney Jerry Lynch Successfully Argues PFA Appeal

Criminal defense attorney Jerry Lynch successfully argues in appeal of Protection From Abuse, PFA, Order in Sunbury, Northumberland County, Pennsylvania.  The Order was entered earlier this year based on accusations that our client had instilled fear, punched, kicked and pulled the hair of the victim. Our client was never criminally charged by police and the victim could not give a time or place for any of these events.

The so-called victim could not explain how, while in fear, she frequented his home, often when our client was not there, she applied for a job where he worked, and often texted him, including a “Happy Father’s Day” message. It is unfortunate that our client had to endure the effects of the Order for as long as he did. PFA petitions are often brought for fraudulent and inappropriate reasons.  We have included a video from Susquehanna Legal Services explaining how the Protection From Abuse Process works. 


November 6, 2013 Categories: Civil