Williamsport, Pennsylvania Civil and Criminal Lawyers

Welcome to the website of the Williamsport based law firm of Rudinski Orso and Associates.  While the partners created the firm in 2012, there is proud history of successful legal representation in Lycoming and surrounding counties for over thirty years. The new vision of the firm is to give the best possible representation at a reasonable cost.

Each of the partners has brought specific experience to the firm.  The theory is that often times a client’s legal issues can transcend many areas of law.  For example, a client with criminal charges may have custody consequences or there could be civil liability in the form of compensation, which could have a tax consequence.  In multi-faceted legal situations, which almost always occur, the attorneys at Rudinski Orso and Associates can rely on the collective experience and individual attorney strengths to give the best possible representation to their clients.

The firm is conveniently located in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, one half block from the Lycoming County Courthouse. However, a high percentage of our clients are located in Northumberland County, Union County, Snyder County, Montour County, Clinton County, Tiaoga County, Bradford counties and throughout the state. The attorneys have been navigating the local rules and regulations put into effect in each of these individual county court systems for decades. The quantity of cases we handle in the many Central Pennsylvania counties is evidence of our reputation and continuing success in navigating these court systems.

The firm’s attorneys have specific attorneys that handle particular civil and administrative issues, and attorneys that focus on particular criminal matters. The firm has been accredited for securing monetary awards for our clients in the millions, acquittals in high profile murder cases and custody awards in complex family law litigation.

Additionally, the firm has extensive experience in Immigration Law. Immigration cases are handled at the federal level and, while many immigration clients reside in Pennsylvania, many of the firm’s clients reside in other U.S. states and around the world.  The firm handles family bases, employment bases,  crimigration,, deportation, and visa issues.

The firm is staffed by one of the areas top paralegal teams and receptionists. They are available throughout the work week from 9 am to 5 pm and can be reached by phone at 570-321-8090.

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